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yatta! it's finally done :)

[ the evilest thing i've done here on the net i think. LOL.
hehe *evil grin* ]

but before that .. i want to greet the no. 1 FAN of YUI-dono !!! yupeh-kun :)
"tanjoubi omedetoo" :) *bows*

:: "kuya, pag-pasensyahan mo na greeting card ko ah . :) sapilitan kong ginawa yan, hehe . :) "

With a busy schedule ...

"sorry pals,.. i think this is all i can share for now..^_^ "

the first Japanese song i've heard, and that is .. when i was 7 years old!! I just watched it again last night after 11 years.. O.o
weeeeeee ... maybe you also know this. Haha. Those who were born in the '90's. I remember, it was being played on local radio stations and MTV. Ranma 1/2's theme song! Presenting ... Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Revue. Enjoy watching!!

Oct. 9th, 2009

"Sou ka ... 37th birthday ne?.. hmm.. still looking young .. hehe,.. keep up the good work Nagano-san .. u deserve what you have and where you are now..God Bless..Always ..."

"Happy Happy Birthday!"

Just want to share this post. Isn't these WonderBots, cool?? Hehe. XD 

"have faith.."

" I knew i should share this story.. "

September 26, 2009
-16:30 pm

The way on SM City Baccor [mall] is really dangerous that time. The water rose up and flowed out from the creek beside our school. We have no classes that Saturday, but because of some school business, I need to go my classmate's house to finish some works. After that, we decided to head on home. Buses, trucks, cars are all over the place. They were stranded. While our bus is making its way to the bridge, we saw how would a city be looked like a sea. Luckily, i came home safe. But i was alone. I only had a spare key for the front gate which i borrowed from my sister, since the real keys are together with them. They went to Batangas City, to attend a birthday. Water is already inside the floors of the veranda that time. I didn't mind it, since it is usual. Our house is always prone to flooding when it's raining hard. I just sit there on a chair waiting for them. I got bored so I've put earphones on my ears and waited time to pass. I fall asleep. I just woke up, because the people outside came running here and there. They were shouting with each other but i can't hear it clearly. Dogs are all howling as if something bad will happen. I stand up and went outside, I asked someone running, " *Kuya, what's happening? Are they going to open the dam on Malabon?." my question. " I don't know, but i think so. The water is already coming from over there." He pointed on the corner street where we are living. Then he continued running. I then got hysterical, i got my phone sent a message on my family on Dasmariñas and also to my brothers and sister which are on their way home. I called my sister on Dasma and told her what was happening. She then told me to relax, and that our brother is on his way home. The truth is, i really don't know what to do. I was thinking of the furnitures inside the house, I was asking myself "What would i do?, what would i do?, please help me." I'm already crying when i saw the water from outside went inside our house. It gets bigger and bigger., without thinking i tried to broke the door with my own hands. But it was no use. I then went through a small opening beside the side door and pushed myself through it, hand myself a hammer and break the wooden door. I went inside and lift the things that are already wet. I also broke the lock of the main door to get inside. I have no strength that time. I just prayed and prayed, 'Saint Mary Magdalene, please help me, give me strength to lift these things. Thank You." I lifted the two single sofa, and the long one. It was really heavy that time. I'm really thankful, that i was able to lift it, and it is out of danger now. I rushed to lift the other appliances, I nearly slipped but was able to hold on. The water rose up, from my feet, my knees and then legs. Then our jeepney came. My two brothers were running to get inside the house. They saw what happende and was shocked to see the two sofa's lifted on a higher place and also the big one.
They hugged me when they got inside. "Olive .. we were proud of you." "But we're not thinking of the furnitures. It doesn't matter if it becomes wet. What matters most is that you are safe." They said. They knew that i don't know how to swim so they are really worried on what if the flood rose higher than i've expected, and i got drowned. "I only prayed, that's why I'm safe. I only did what i can do. Thanks be to God." I got bruises but i'm doing good now.This is not the first time that i've encountered floods. But it is the first time that i'm alone. When the door outside is opened, we then lift our dogs to safety. 

"- more events happened.. the flood continue to rose, up to waist. More cars got stranded. But I'm thankful that we are safe now. This is just a lesson man should learn about nature. When mother nature strikes back, no one can stop her. You'll just wait until she's done and cry for your safety. -"

- "i would like to say thanks to the persons who prayed for our safety.  May you also be safe. and let us continue praying and donating for those who are still in need of our faith and prayers. - "

*- Kuya - is a term in Filipino language which is being used when calling someone [specifically a man] for whom you didn't know his name. It is also use by younger ages to show manners on older people. [same as your big brother] . :)

*anything goes ...

...*phew* ... it's been a week since my last post, how r u guys doing?.. I'm just unwinding myself for now.. listening to anime' songs and to some new anime songs for me. ^_^. *whatever* .. our Defense for Society, Culture and Information Technology with Family Planning [soculita] will be next week.. I, together with my group-mates are finishing the video we had made and we're lacking of time. [*pressured* ..yeah "We're pressured ..] Add the releasing of grades, we didn't know if we've passed since most of the exams were not yet checked. *phew*. This week we're really busy.. Sorry if i'm not able to visit ur journals my friends. But i'll try to reach out some other time. Thanks for understanding. Maybe i'll be off again here. Bye for now .. goodnight ...

Heehee ... 
do u know what he's trying to say? 
"let's make a circle and dance ^^..."
i'm just sleepy ...~
[goodnight na talaga... flips]

"i want to tell the world .. "

As promised, here is my memorized speech that I've delivered today..

Saving Mother Nature           

               A pleasant day ladies and gentlemen. It is in our present day as we all know. A big twist of our lifestyle happens due to fast changing technology advancement, continuous innovations, and inventions helping the humans to have an easy living. As the computer age evolving in every country, we, still are responsible to what will be the effect in our nature considering that a very well know Global Warming crisis is a major issue in our modern age, scientists and geniuses are putting their hands together to help in protecting our nature as well as Non Government Agencies all over the world. Every individual has its own way of conserving our natural resources specifically, keeping our plants and trees in producing clean air to eliminate air pollution caused by different industries, motor vehicles, and Freon gases from different air conditioned systems. It is our call to become aware of what will be the consequences In every act we do mentioning that in our country, there are lots of individuals, missionaries and other groups spreading the importance of what really Global Warming is in our present life. 

Preparing ourselves to be part of this campaign is such a small task compare to what we have done in our environment before, therefore, our obligation to help nature gain back its existence is at very much importance. Avoiding the use of any toxic materials such as plastics in any different forms will help preserving our nature as we know that it is not recyclable even for years. Producing biodegradable products will cost a lot but still a major step in protecting our mother nature. For how the world exist for so many years, for how we, people on earth enjoy our life. For God so loved the world, we must stand now, and stretched our hands and share our knowledge to everyone on how we can help to support Green Peace on earth and be respected by all. Thank you and Good Day!


my grade? .. not very good but I'm fine with it. 87
I'm nervous, that's the truth ..

| COMMENTS ARE WELCOME, if you have XD |


*randomness ...*

second post goes tooo.... the YUI twins!!!!??? *jowk.* 
I'm not the best fan - i haven't watched the anime' yet - i haven't listened to the songs - but ... it's cute - they are cute ne? .. heehee .. *b o w s*

two YUI at a time ^_^ yay!  K-ON!




and to end this randomness post .. fanbars from the others!!! weeeeeeee!~ u should credit them as i do ^_^

credits to: Maya-chan_2009 @phb

credits to: Vizardmaster@phb


*goodnight ... (- -)'

BER-month starts!! today is Guilty Day! XD

"..  kampai!! for GUILTY!! .."
"i hardly slept last night .. because of Guilty ^_^ "

Today is Guilty Day .. so .. remember everyone ^_^ whenever Sep.2 comes it's Guilty Day! yay! Kampai!

"I'm soooo happy!!!! because it's already ber-month! Here in the Philippines, whenever the month of September comes, we Filipinos are excited because it means that Christmas is near!!!!~ Hehe . Well,.. actually Christmas is my favorite occassion every year. Another is COUNTDOWN! to Christmas ^_^ weeeeeee ...~ christmas lights all over the town, gift giving, rush hour christmas shopping!!! ..


*shifts mood* (- . -)

"... of course before christmas come's .. we will have our Thesis and Defense first on the month of October. *yay! nervous!* - it's only a month away ..

I'm soooo.... nervous about it. On the other side; on monday we will have our Speech for Communication Arts subject. We will deliver our memorized speech in front of our classmates and adviser. *phew* ... I promised to rest a bit if the result of the speech is good. Haha!  I'll post my speech here when i'm already finished on it, so u'll be able to judge it .. ^_^


Medecine : Nagano-san sang, " .. You are my only LOve .."    
*squeeeeee!!!!!!!!* wouldn't u wish he's singin' it  to u XD


(- . -)"

Aww .. i can't stand it anymore .. the heat .. and then it will become cold .. and it'll rain then the sun will shine. What kind of weather is this?.. climate change is pissing me. Is there something we can do?? 

"It's always the same ... every morning that i'll go to school  .."

The school organization i'm in, is having a Clean&Green project., and i'm proud of it. Less trash, clean surroundings. But on the other way around, i'd like to tell you that our school is beside a creek that has so many trash in it. ..floating .. and floating .. the smell is bad., the other thing is, smokes from buses, cars and other vehicles fills your nose as like it is the air that you breath. So everytime i cross the street to get in our school, i always have my handkerchief with me. It cleans the air i breath a little. Tht's why i always prefer provinces than cities.That's right. I love provinces than cities..

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