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my love, my kiss, my heart

exchanged memories

"V6 since 1995~forever"

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Hi!!, my name is Olive. I'm from Philippines.I'm a music lover. I love everything about Japan [bad ones are exception (:]. I love Anime's, Jdorama's, and Japanese music. My favorite Japanese band is V6, although i knew some other Jpop bands ; V6 stands out for me. (: [Colors] I love shades of blue, grey and black. [Stuffs] I always carry my mp4 with me, cellphone, and random things. [Interests] I love playing guitar, playing piano, writing short stories, poems etc., loves sleeping (- -)zZzZ, loves chocolates and sweets! <3.[Personal] I love God and my family.

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On the other hand, i'm also a new Kpop fan. (: It's because of SHINee, they brought me to it. Haha. I love their songs and the way they dance. The steps of their songs are catchy and detailed. I just love it., and they're cute also!!.(♥ ♥) [waaa!! ♥.]

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