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*so sick...*

*2nd random post.*

credit: thelightahead@lj "Thank God, when i woke up, from a nap this afternoon my sister told me about the great news for SHINee fans out there!. Taemin-shii has already recovered from swine flu.! We can expect him dancing with the other members on their upcoming performances!. My prayers are answered!!. haha, I ask God to make Taemin recover soon from sickness, it's because, i can't look at Onew dubu and Hyun performing as if they hadn't slept for years!. whoa! if u'll watch that 1129 perf. you'll see how tired they are. That is the very first time i saw Onew really look angry. *scary eyes* poor SHINee, but now, since Taemin is okay now, he can bring back the smile of his hyungs!. and Yay! for Ring Ding Dong complete performances!! !. Haha. As u can see a side of me is getting into Kpop because of SHINee. Now, i'm studying Korean language all by myself too. On the other hand i still need to continue studying Japanese language. But right now, i'm missing my conversations with the other group mods on V6ForLife crunchyroll group. :( Well, i can't access crunchyroll site a week from now, haha. It looks like something happened on our web browser. Hopefully, by christmas, i can access it again and share more V6 Love and SHINee Love with my buddies there!!. Advance Merry Christmas!."

"Please help me on studying Korean language and to continue my Japanese language studies!
Oppa! Noona! kamsahamnida!. :)

taemin-shii ~ tadaima ..

-arigatoo na :)
-kamsahamnida!! :)
*credit: thelightahead@lj
for TM's icon*


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Dec. 2nd, 2009 04:23 pm (UTC)
Hope to see you back on crunchyroll soon!
Dec. 3rd, 2009 11:39 am (UTC)
"aww .. miss u guys :). yeah~ i hope to be back on christmas vacation."
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