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Hello!! Yeah .. i'm back. No. I'm not back. I'm just posting .. and ... yeah ... my first post for the year 2010 in the month of March. Haha. Well, it happened that i'm really busy .. as in .. "BUSY" as the word. Soooo---- many school projects and requirements to finish. I even hold my facebook account just to focus on those brain-bugging things. Haha. XD. I'm afraid that i'm not going to be an active user as i used to be last year. *sniff*...


Hey, and what makes me sad the most is, i forgot to greet my LJ friends a Happy Birthday ..
well,.. as what i've mentioned i didn't have a time to check my list of b-day celebrants .. hehe.. you know who you are .. if ever, ur birthday comes, and i'm not here, I'm going to greet you in advance... "An Advance Happy Birthday to those people (: "


Goodnight .. world ... (- -')


"A sad thing in life is that sometimes you meet someone who means
a lot to you only to find out in the end..;
that it was never bound to be and you just have to let go .."
- anonymous

"ring ding dong!! "

Hehe ; Hi guys! I just want to greet you a Merry Christmas!!!!
I want to thank you for making this year a very wonderful year for me .. specially those who've given me presents!!
aigoo ~ ... i'm sooo overwhelmed by felly-chan's gift ..!!
and oh! my sisters also hand me gifts.. this would be one of my wonderful christmas..
we're not complete though, because my brother ad his family is already on Canada.. but still i can feel their LOVE..
Thank u so much for being there guys!!... for reading my non-sense journals sometimes .. although i considered them all non-sense ; (><)
Haha. XD and regards to those 's i l e n t  r e a d e r s'  ..... merry christmas too! .. i love u guys!

will u stay with me ?... for another year?...
"...but i'll be glad, if it's f o r e v e r ... :D "

2 0 0 9
Y.e a r

SHINee christmas

"Nothing can stop me from l o v i n g  y.o.u ...."

Dec. 14, 1989

Dec. 14, 2009

Well, .. today is a special day for Onew fans ; *me included!! of course!! * It's Onew-shii's birthday!! He's 20 on the original calendar. Haha, is there a fake calendar?. LOL. I mean on Korean Age, he's 21. Maybe, that would be a reason why i don't want to go to Korea, you're going to be old by a year. Haha. What else, stay what you are and don't change .. dongsaeng's are always here for you and your group.Wishin' u all the best in life and success in career!! God Bless always!! saranghae!! <3 Onew-shii.

onew_smile ~ Lee Jinki [Onew]


On the other hand, ahhh~.. first day of exams had passed ; *happy*
tomorrow will be the second day *sad* LOL ... goodluck for me ;; haha.XD

[i'm soooo tired .. just finished washing our clothes (: ]
[i hate twisting pants .. it's soooo heavy .. *muscles cracked.. O.o* ]

Happy Holidays!! everyone!! >3 i miss you all!!

as i enter the gate of our house , my brother came running and said ..

"OMG!!!!! Olive!!!! you have a mail from Singapore!!!!! "
XD. He's like ...
"WHOA!! That is COOL.!"

and me ?? .... yeah, *FAINTS* and as i regain my conciousness . *jk*. Haha.

"really???????? when did it came????. "
we're like 200 meters away from each other, co'z we're really shouting!. Haha. This is funny :). The truth is, this is the first time that i've received somthing from someone who totally never knew me. But we have something in common. WE'RE V6 FANS!!!!!! Hahahaha. XD

"Yay!!! *sniff*. This would be the happiest day of my life. :) *sniff*. So, it is the happiest, yet i keep on sniffing ; it's because~.......................................................................................................................................................................... "


I'm sooooo happy !!! this is the 'Very Best' Christmas Gift i've received this year!!. ~so far. Haha
; and this is from my very good friend and co-V6fan
felly80 ;
thank you soooo much for giving me this nee-san :) ;
you never knew how much you've made me happy ;
with the fact that i'm facing trials right now on school. No words can express how much this means to me. Thank you! Thank you! *bows* *sniff*

i believe, i've seen this photobooklet somewhere here in LJ. LOL.
haha. :) I never thought ... ; i never expected i'm going to own one right now. This is UBER-COOL!!!!. ~

i thought it was just a postcard from Singapore. Hehe. Until now, i can't believe this. Haha.
ThanK you soooooo much!!!!!
.................Did i say thank you already?.


[ H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ♥ M I N H O - S H I I ]

Minho-shii!!! saeng il chukha hamnida!!!

♥ [ too much .... classic ....♥ ]

[ May you have more birthdays to come ;
wishin' you success in life and career ;
hmm ... and we love you>3 Haha. XD
Happy Holidays~ ]

*end of random post*

*so sick...*

*2nd random post.*

credit: thelightahead@lj "Thank God, when i woke up, from a nap this afternoon my sister told me about the great news for SHINee fans out there!. Taemin-shii has already recovered from swine flu.! We can expect him dancing with the other members on their upcoming performances!. My prayers are answered!!. haha, I ask God to make Taemin recover soon from sickness, it's because, i can't look at Onew dubu and Hyun performing as if they hadn't slept for years!. whoa! if u'll watch that 1129 perf. you'll see how tired they are. That is the very first time i saw Onew really look angry. *scary eyes* poor SHINee, but now, since Taemin is okay now, he can bring back the smile of his hyungs!. and Yay! for Ring Ding Dong complete performances!! !. Haha. As u can see a side of me is getting into Kpop because of SHINee. Now, i'm studying Korean language all by myself too. On the other hand i still need to continue studying Japanese language. But right now, i'm missing my conversations with the other group mods on V6ForLife crunchyroll group. :( Well, i can't access crunchyroll site a week from now, haha. It looks like something happened on our web browser. Hopefully, by christmas, i can access it again and share more V6 Love and SHINee Love with my buddies there!!. Advance Merry Christmas!."

"Please help me on studying Korean language and to continue my Japanese language studies!
Oppa! Noona! kamsahamnida!. :)

taemin-shii ~ tadaima ..

-arigatoo na :)
-kamsahamnida!! :)
*credit: thelightahead@lj
for TM's icon*

hi everyone ..

LOL. There's nothing in this post ;; just want to know if someone misses me XD haha. I've been silent for days, because of school, there's sooo many things to do,. By the way, i hope u're okay .. Take care then . Bye 2x

love more in your dreams.. that's right ..

"yume ni ai ni motto, sou sou ..
sekaijuu no hana o motte
kimi ni ai sare ni kitanda
soshite itsunohika
hoshi ni natte
hikari no naka de .. sugusou .."

"love more in your dreams that's right ..
with every flower in the world
i have come to be loved by you
then someday
we'll become stars
and .. bask in the light .."

double greetings !! :) heehee,
may you have more birthdays to come
;; stay sweet, stay lovin', stay cute and stay hot :) ;;

- in behalf of your fans all over the whole wide world..
Happy Happy 29th Birthday Okada-san ... odeko .. >:)

Nov. 15th, 2009

random post :)
goodnight everyone ..

"i give smile to you,boku no aishita egao
deatta goro no you ni
modoseru no nara ..."

i'm .. broken?. :|


"uwaa!!! SHINee here in the Philippines!!!! on 27th!!!"

i can't wait!!! 2 weeks to go and SHINee will be performing a free concert here in my BEAUTIFUL country!!!
hahahaha. XD, thanks to the Philippine-Korea Frinedship week :)starting on Nov. 19th-27th 2009, and the Kpop fans that kept voting for SHINee to come here in our country. :) GodBless you all !!! hehe. In this event Pinoys can taste foods from Korea, dances, music and especially watch the FREE concert (27th) on Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex on Pasig City. The only problem is, i've got classes.. ow well .. i'm not planning to skip though, i'll be there after my class, and i will be 1 and a half hour late. Aww.. i just hope that their song Ring Ding Dong will not be performed early .. , i want to watch it live. So .. good luck to me, and oh' i'm bringing my two classmates with me :). Hihi. They also want to watch SHINee because i'm so insistent to them . *"sapilitan ko silang isasama .. >:) Hilahan na kung hilahan . bwahaha"*

♥hyunkey♥ = L♥VE

"♥ i soooo LOVE Ring Ding Dong's MV!! choreography's cool. :) SHINee hwaiting!!!! ♥"

and oh, i almost forgot. .. today is Friday the 13th.
I hate Fridays falling on the date 13.., it brings me creeps/goosebumps when hearing it. Be careful., fellows.:)annyonghi jumushipsiyo .. (- -)


moment of truth ..

"I'll try to make things better now, ..
 i promise... 
will you stay with me?"

".., it's just a status message. :D "

What will i do tonight?. It seems very difficult to sleep without thinking about "i wonder what is V6 doing now?" or while i'm eating my lunch, in the afternoon "i wonder what's Nagano-san is eating right now?". No wonder they are eating together with the staffs or some friends. *sigh* I always do that, thinking about people who didn't know me. Or may i say, people who didn't know i'm existing. 

*I'm soooo tired, and i can't think of a way to rest. I can't sleep peacefully, something is lurking in my mind. LOL. It's school, yeah, that's what i'm thinking. School here, school there. No matter how long the semestral break maybe, i can't take my mind out of thinking about my classes ahead. I just received my copy of grades last thursday and i'm happy to know that i didn't somewhat, FAILED. :) heehee .. ureshii da :).

going back to V6, have u ask urself about the same question as i do?. , just like "Are they chatting first, before they go to sleep?" or "in their free time,  what are they doing?" , "do they still sing and dance to the music of their past?". Too many questions ... only the true persons can answer. this is a funny thing i'll share with you. "Do you dream about V6?, going with them in a concert or being called by a member and lead on the center stage?. Well, i do. Haha. a lot of times, i'm always telling my sister about it. She's always saying that, "It's because you're full of V6 in ur mind, ur music, ur stuffs, even when cleaning the house you always talk about them. baka. ". Yeah, she's saying that, i'm a stupid girl, talking about someone who never knew anything about me. Well, i just don't care about what she's saying~ I'll just say "Never mind~". Because if i insist what i'm thinking it would be a whole day of argument between us. I'm tired of arguing with her. 

Anyway ;;

my brother and her daughter will be leaving for Canada next week ; he's asking me if i want to go too. i told him that if i ever be going in other country that would be Japan :) Hehe. He said, "Okay, I'll support you if that's your decision. That's cool, going to Japan just to visit V6. Haha. XD"

I LOL'ed after that! Haha,. How can i say things like that., and also nii-chan,.Well,.. nii-chan!! gambatte ne. Take care, and keep safe on Canada. :)

*maa, maa,; i think i'll go now, bye2x :) 
-Thanks for reading ..

P.S - Coming Century's Another Story clip is sooo cute, good, awesome, wonderful!!! and I love how Go-tsun danced their "theme" 4:30 in the morning, maybe i should also use those steps as my Morning Exercise :) 

"There's so many times when i long for your touch, there's so many times when i long for your touch., ....I want to thank you, for makin' me what i am ."